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The Quality for Trade Platform serves as a one-stop quality shop allowing registered users to: discover quality requirements, connect to needed institutional and individual expertise and services, seek pathways to improvements and gain insights from those who have already experienced success. This platform complements in-country initiatives as an information resource that allows work to continue long after face-to-face trainings are complete. Use the map below to view existing National Versions of the platform, or stay here on the Global Page.


Why Quality for Trade?

Quality is an intrinsic element of competitiveness in international trade. Standards and technical regulations specify quality requirements, which vary in different markets and evolve constantly with changes in technology, consumer preferences and scientific advances. ITC surveys reveal that over 50% of enterprises face difficulties related to: 1) Insufficient or unclear understanding of technical requirements in specific markets; 2) Inadequate capacity (knowledge, skills and internal systems) to comply with such requirements; 3) Lack of awareness and/or access to conformity assessment services (testing, inspection, certification). There is a need for efficient and effective transfer of quality-related know-how to SMEs. This is where the Quality for Trade Platform can create a genuine impact.

Platform for

Who is the platform for?

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)

Access user-friendly information about quality requirements at the product-market level. Seek guidance from a network of individual and institutional expertise.

Quality-related service providers

Benefit from enhanced access to tools and capacity building services. Better promote services and link up with other institutions toward common goals.qua.

Quality experts

Access ITC support & certification, share best practices and lessons learned, market services and connect with an expert community.

Quality learners

Discover the world of quality in trade and begin your quality journey.


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Quality for Trade Platform
Building Excellence for Trade Success


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